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Melissa Cherniske

Monday, August 17, 2009

Back to School....

As we approach back to school in our house we have to get ready for many thing...pictures of course to mark the event. Don't feel like you have to "SETTLE" for the schools pictures of your kids...why not schedule a session with me and get GREAT images of your kids and your family and just say no thank you to the schools photos this year. Schedule an after school weekday session with me during the month of September and only pay $50 for your session fee! Photos from this session can be used for holiday cards so plan early while the weather is still nice.

Also, don't forget September 13th is Grandparents day. Give the grandparents and honorary grandparents in your life exactly what they want from you....PICTURES!!!

email me at mrschunder@gmail.com for more information or to schedule your session now.


EC said...

What a precious, gorgeous face that little boy has!! So true, Mel that we don't have to settle for the school pics. I wish my parents had different pics of me when I was little.

~Jen~ said...

ITA about not settling for school pics! My MIL could not understand why I wouldn't buy the (awful) pic of DS last year. Why would anyone buy those cookie-cutter shots, when they could have something as lovely and individual as this?!

Tyjuana Hill-Smith said...

Back to school time already...where did the summer go!! I was one of those parents that felt as though I HAD to buy the school pics, but now I know better...I'm glad you are getting the word out. Parents will love these much more than the school pics and I agree they can be used for other occasions! What a handsome model you have!

Jeannette Chirinos Gold said...

beautiful back to school pic,
I love his eyes and his hair

Ted Roth said...

What a beautiful family!