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Melissa Cherniske

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 Year in Review!!!!

I love my clients!

I've always said that when you stop enjoying what you do, you need to move on. Don't worry, I LOVE LOVE LOVE what I'm doing so I'm not moving on anytime soon.

Despite the countless late nights, lack of sleep, and constant wonderment on how I can possibly get it all done I somehow always manage AND I always enjoy doing it. I feel very blessed as I start out 2010 to continue to say I truly LOVE what I do!!!

2010 will prove to be bigger and better. I'm starting to take bookings for Spring and Summer already and that makes me SOOO thrilled. We're on 2 week watch for a Newborn client, we have some big family reunions booked for fall 2010, and some new gardens drawn out for the outdoor studio. Don't hesitate to call or email to book ahead now, first come first serve on dates so it pays to schedule early.

I say goodbye to 2009 with a smile on my face and a sense of pride in my heart. I hope that you enjoy MY Year In Review slide-show I've put together. It's a bit long but worth watching the entire thing to see all of the fresh faces of 2009.

*** Picture quality is reduced to make it playable online.



Shannon Kelley said...

You should be proud of 2009! I'm so excited for you in 2010!

Jane said...

WOW! Simply wonderful!

Amanda said...

GREAT slide-show! Your work takes my breath away!

Amy Dungan said...

Wonderful slideshow and wonderful year! Can't wait to see what 2010 has in store for you!

Schona Kessler Photography said...

yay for an awesome 2009 I look forward to seeing your wonderful work throughout 2010!

Jeannette Chirinos Gold said...

Mel, beautiful presentation of your year in review
wonderful works
I hope you et too many client this new year

Liz said...

Love the year in review and that our crazy cousin session was the first pic!! My cousin had her baby and we're waiting to adopt number two so when the gang's all here we should do it again - if you're up for it!!