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Melissa Cherniske

Monday, June 29, 2009

Gallery Wrap Canvas

The downside of being a natural light on-location photographer the majority of the time is that I can’t always take samples of my products with me. For those of you unfamiliar with my gallery wrapped canvases, I am offering a little more information and some images. The canvas I offer is a high quality print on artist’s canvas stretched over custom made wood supports (stretcher frame). The texture is wonderful. The images stand out boldly without the distraction of a frame. The back is finished with hanging hardware so the canvas is ready for your wall upon delivery. :) Gallery mounted canvas can be ordered in any size and come in both color or black and white. I have them in my own home and always get tons of compliments.

They are much more beautiful in person, but this will give you a sense of what they are like.

This is a 30x40 gallery wrap canvas.

and a close up of a corner.

and a 24x48


Rhonda said...

Beautiful! What a great deal on the books.

~Jen~ said...

Gorgeous! Canvases are my favorite way to display photos!

Jeannette Chirinos Gold said...

This is awesome
love the books and the Canvas

Jeannette Chirinos Gold said...

This is awesome
love the books and the Canvas

Rowlen Photography said...

WOW these are amazing!!!!

Gillian said...

That last canvas is divine!! Beautiful!!