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Melissa Cherniske

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The "S" family

I really enjoyed photographing the "S" family. Their estate is gorgeous and I expect in the future it is going to be breathtaking with all the future plans they have in store for the property! "E" and "T" were eager to show off for me and we had fun playing around telling each other jokes and admiring all the old cars that passed by throughout our session. I could have done without the bugs, I'm still itching! I didn't think I was getting bitten at the time but it's fairly apparent now that those bugs really liked me!!!

I'll email you again when your gallery is complete. Thanks for a fun afternoon.


Sue said...

Beautiful setting, great colors and AMAZING photos!!! Can't wait for our session with you in a couple weeks.


shannon kelley said...

what a great family! Love the pics!

~Jen~ said...

great shots! i love that you can just SEE the mischief in the kids' eyes!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a gorgeous setting.....and family....and photos! All around gorgeous!

Mary said...

Great family shots - beautiful details on their property.