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Melissa Cherniske

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The "W" family

Always fun with the "W" family. I've been photographing them now for almost 2 years and genuinely have a great time with them. Laughs, "adventures" and silly kids = fun fun fun. I love a mom that dresses her daughter in all white and then lets her play in the dirty leaf piles all around. "L" is a girly girl that doesn't mind getting dirty. "C" is a silly boy that couldn't get enough of the leaves...together they were a fun challenge. We came out victorious even if we all needed a long nap after our session.

Thanks "W" family. I'll email you soon when your gallery is complete.


Anonymous said...

Ahhw, I love when girly-girls aren't afraid to get dirty! So cute!

~Jen~ said...

a couple of cuties - that's for sure!

EC said...


Gillian said...

Awww she is adorable!! Great shots of the two of them! Can totally see they're siblings!